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Residential groundworks & laying foundations

Groundworks for another residential site at Playing Place, Truro. Stripping topsoil, foundations poured ready for block layers.

Block paving for residential new builds

Block paving done at Henver Road new builds in Newquay ready for happy customers to move in.

Block and Beam: Office Site, Hayle

Pouring concrete, block and beam for foundations laid ready for the block and beam floor the designers asked for on a new office site in Hayle.

Site Drainage, Newquay

Finishing groundworks and drainage on a site in Newquay: the final drainage going in for sixteen flats and five houses before tarmac brought in.

Retaining wall with 3MS

Contracted by 3MS to build a retaining wall for a block of nine flats at Porth, Newquay,

New builds at Mawnan Smith

Groundworks for residential new builds in Mawnan Smith.

Foundations and block work in Penstraze

a new job in Penstraze: digging foundations, block work, pouring floor slabs and ground source heat pump trenches.


Finishing Groundworks at Playing Place

Finishing groundworks and laying bricks.

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